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MOUNIT BAYTNA - Mediterranean Authentic Food:

MOUNT BAYTNA from the heart of a cherished tradition- the art of crafting exquisite Mouneh products comes Mounit Baytna “ from our home to yours”. Beyond being a brand it is a tradition driven by love and excellence. Rooted in a cultural heritage each item is a testament to the dedication and passion woven into Lebanon legacy. Our Mouneh collection is a celebration of time-honored recipes handed from farmers to your plate ensuring that every product embodies the authentic flavors and quality that define our heritage. From carefully selected ingredients to the artful preparation, our commitment to excellence shines through in every jar and bottle. We take pride in sharing the rich tapestry of the culinary history with you, inviting you to savor the taste of tradition and experience the warmth of Lebanese cuisine in every delectable Mouneh product. Join us on a journey that transcends generations and discovers the true essence of culinary craftsmanship.


MOUNIT BAYTNA, a complete Mouneh range, made in partnership with SESOBEL and farmers. With their fundamentals values, believing in the cause of the child with disability and in their mission that unites their activities us to accompany our children and their families. With the will to face the difficulties, because "Together the impossible becomes possible". SESOBEL, is a real life legendary course, Throughout the years, having identified the difficulties of children with disability and their families, SESOBEL has helped more than 10,000 children with disability to meet their medical, social, educational, rehabilitative, recreational, relational needs, social integration and all their rights, to ensure them a life of Joy and Dignity. Mounit Baytna and SESOBEL synchronized their synergies, to serve this mission, the business and our society with the best Mouneh from our home land, and our best quality and natural crops, made by our engaged people, farmers and families in the village of Kfarhouna (Jezzine) collecting crops from rural farms. Hand made, with home made recipes, without additives or chemical preservatives.

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