MOUNIT BAYTNA Extra Virgin Olive Oil -16.2L

744,00 AED

(First Cold Pressed – Certified Fair Trade, Bio & Mount Hermon-HASBAYA)


Indulge your senses with our premium Mounit Baytna extra virgin organic olive oil. Cold-pressed to perfection, our oil boasts a rich, fruity flavor and unparalleled freshness. Elevate your culinary creations with the pure essence of organic olives, while enjoying the health benefits of a heart-healthy choice. Discover the difference of true quality in every drop – experience the excellence of our extra virgin organic olive oil today.

  • MOUNIT BAYTNA Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16.2L (First Cold Pressed – Certified Fair Trade & Mount Hermon-HASBAYA)
  • MOUNIT BAYTNA Huile d’Olive Extra Vierge 16.2L (Première Pressée à Froid – Certifiée Commerce Équitable & Mont Hermon-HASBAYA)


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