MOUNIT BAYTNA Light Strawberry Jam 370 g

25,50 AED

Bursting with the luscious flavor of ripe strawberries, it’s the perfect healthier choice for your breakfast or desserts.


Indulge in the delightful sweetness of Mounit Baytna Light Strawberry Jam, a guilt-free treat bursting with the essence of ripe, sun-kissed strawberries. Low in sugar, high in flavor, this jam is the perfect companion for your morning toast, yogurt, or dessert creations. Experience the luscious taste of summer in every spoonful – a healthier choice without compromising on the deliciousness of fresh strawberries. Elevate your breakfast and snacks with our Light Strawberry Jam today!

Ingredients: Strawberry, fructose, citric acid.
MOUNIT BAYTNA Confiture Légère de Fraises 370 g.


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